LACROSSOVER uses a holistic method of coaching. We believe in coaching the entire person. Our sessions are tailored to fit each girl’s unique needs, learning style, and skill level. We use a positive reinforcement coaching method and develop the strengths in each player. This coaching style allows girls to take risks and to gain self-confidence as a player and as a person.

Skills and Fundamentals:
Fundamentals are essential. Repetition leads to excellence. The fundamentals of lacrosse are catching, throwing, cradling, body positioning, and footwork. There are many levels of skill within the fundamentals, which means that there can never be too great an emphasis on developing these core skills. We will work together to improve basic skills that lead to a more effective and confident player. The goal is for each player to reach a level of comfort with her basic skills so she no longer has to think about using them. In mentally or physically tiring situations, the fundamentals will naturally kick in.

Speed, Strength and Agility:
We work with girls on their agility, flexibility, core strength, and speed to enhance their performance and prevent future injury. We begin our work together with a fitness assessment that will serve as a baseline for improvement. We track their progress over the course of our time together, which will serve as an incentive to continue to improve, as well as an excellent chart of how far they have come.


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