Evaluate and Encourage:
We care deeply about each client. We believe in positive reinforcement and developing the strengths in each player. Every player has her own unique set of skills and methods of learning. Through observation and conversation, we identify the best way to push each girl to reach her potential.

Team sports teach important life lessons about dedication, working hard for a goal, and the power of collective joy. Every great team starts on the individual level. Success is not always just about winning. Success comes from mastering a skill, reaching a goal, and working harder than ever before. Success is about believing in oneself. We cultivate confidence in each player, which will make her successful in both lacrosse and in life.

Building Leaders:
The mental element of lacrosse and life is often overlooked and under-appreciated. We believe the best athletes begin with the best attitude. Coaches seek out players to step up and lead. Many girls are their own worst enemy and use negative self-talk that limits their potential.

To be an effective leader, you need confidence in yourself and need to inspire confidence in others. We will use positive affirmations and realistic goal setting exercises to help understand the inner workings of each player. The more that the player understands about herself as a person, the better she will be able to create her own identity and become a stronger player, teammate and leader.