“Sarah Walsh is a true role model and mentor for all female lacrosse athletes. She possesses great teaching ability to coach the game while developing the individual skills necessary both on and off the field to be an elite lacrosse player. Her national championship experience and collegiate experience are invaluable tools in guiding players to excellence.”

-Alexis Venechanos, Ohio State University Women’s Lacrosse Head Coach & Canadian National Team Head Coach

“Sarah Walsh brings a wealth of knowledge. She has experience both as a successful student-athlete and college coach at an established program. Most recently she has spent time working with middle school and high school athletes as a mentor and a skills coach.  My experience with Sarah in the Stars program and St. Stephens and St. Agnes School High School team has been rewarding. She is passionate and hard working and has been successful in all endeavors she has started.”

-Kathy Jenkins, St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes Women’s Lacrosse Varsity Coach

"As soon as we saw that my daughter made the A-team with both said “This is because of Sarah and LACROSSOVER.”  Thank you so much for teaching and training her on how to play the game of lacrosse.  The improvement in her skills and knowledge of the game is like night and day from when she played last season (before you started training her).  Again, we cannot thank you enough for what you have done for our daughter.

-John S., parent of middle school player who did privates and pre-tryout clinics

"Incredibly helpful! That is exactly how we would describe your Pre-tryout clinic.  We have taken our daughter to a few great lax camps over the summer (UNC Chapel Hill, JMU, Loyola, UVA) but we were blown away by the organization put forth to make this clinic so effective and useful for the participants!  Each station was carefully thought out where the girls could utilize/hone their skills in different areas and there was a seasoned coach at each station to give constructive criticism and help.  We truly believe Brittany learned an incredible amount in 3 short evenings.  She loved the fact that the staff cared enough to personally call her to the side and help her improve her technique, even though they had never met her before. We would bring our daughter back in a heartbeat for future clinics."

-Tim D., parent of high schooler who attended a pre-tryout clinic

"I want to give you a long-overdue THANK YOU. Finding you was a gift.  You are an excellent coach and possess a unique ability to bring out my daughter’s best self.  I love how you coach up the total person.  I see your influence in how both of my daughters approach sports and school."

-Mike B., parent of middle schooler and high schooler who do groups and clinics

"We hope you know how much Britt admires you as her role model.  She would often tell us she wanted to call you for your expertise and your most logical opinions/advice.  I think you were the MOST instrumental person when it came to her progression as a lacrosse player.  She wanted to be just like you, and she knew you always had her best interest in mind.

We strongly felt you always had confidence in her ability to perform when it seemed like no one else noticed, and this made Brittany push herself even harder to make you proud.  The first words out of her mouth after committing were "I can't wait to tell Sarah!"

-Stephanie & Tim D., parents of committed player from Bischop Ireton