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Prerequisite for Participation: All agreements and waivers must be signed. For insurance reasons, all participants must have US Lacrosse membership and provide their card upon our first session.

Team Placement: It is a great opportunity for us to work with your daughter(s), especially if we coach them on their school or club team. However, that does not guarantee that they will make any team that we coach. We will work to get them to their highest level of play, but it would be unfair and unprofessional for us to give someone a spot on a team based primarily on private sessions.

Cancellations: We plan each session to fit the needs and skill level of that given player. Due to the limited number of available sessions per day, all cancellations require a 24-hour notice. If a client cancels a session within 24 hours of the session time, the full cost of the session will be due.

Weather Cancellations: We practice outside year-round. It is important to prepare girls to concentrate and focus regardless of weather conditions. During inclement weather, we reserve the right to cancel a session due to bad weather or field conditions.

Injuries & Illnesses:  Lacrosse is a very intense and physically demanding sport. Please share your daughter’s prior and/or present injuries with us before we begin training. We try to create workouts that are low-risk for injury, but accidents can happen. If an injury occurs during our work together, please seek professional medical opinions about how to rehabilitate the injury. In case of an illness, please notify us immediately. We can work to reschedule her session so that she can be as healthy as possible during our work together.

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